Ongoing project.

A product created by ‘’Sense-makers’’, along with Aimée Verbrugh. 
We wanted to focus on the relationship we have with our bodies, a brand focused to create a sense of connection, and sensuality with our bodies again.
The ritual of the menstrual cycle.  

For many it´s a monthly ritual, yet crazily enough we know little about how to empower it. Did you know that on each cycle your hormones make you experience all the seasons in just a month’s timespan?  Some of us are quite aware of how our body changes, and for some, it takes us by surprise us every single time…

We created “Seasonal healing’’, a monthly ritual guided by four products embracing the four seasons of our cycle: winter, spring, summer and autumn.  

When you feel the need to get out of your head, want to tap into your senses, and obtain the power of the your cycle, we have the product for you.

Embrace and Explore. 

The project consists in four different products, one for each season, although it is also possible to intertwine the four.

Lets start with WINTER, the season in which the period starts.
A time of inward reflection, a time of metaphorical death. Hibernation and rest. It is said that when we have our period, our moon, we become more powerful, with a deeper access to our inner wisdom.

For this we designed a wearable hot water bottle, an item created to make yourself more comfortable during the moon. Cramps are painful, we hope the warmth of it will help you relax and be more at ease. You can just lay in bed and feel the warm hug of the hot water bottle or walk around without the need of having to constantly hold the object against the desired area.

During SPRING you will gain energy, you will feel like a new version of yourself, and may want to start new challenges. This is the season to go for it, use this new burst of energy to your advantage. Focus on a new project, start exercising, go on a holiday? This season asks for a fresh look at things and maybe expand your comfort zone a little bit. 

For this powerful spring season filled with ‘’new’’ energy, we have a Crystal Yoni-egg. For many perhaps a new item in their moon-cycle, and it is totally up to you if you feel like using it.  

During the SUMMER season your whole body is screaming: yes! It is open to receive and giving of love. It is the period of heating up literally and metaphorically. Ovulation is the best time to ask for what you want – whether that be from your partner, or asking for a raise at work. 

For this season we want to focus on nurturing and playfully loving your body by massaging your own body, this can be done alone as an exercise for self-love, body acceptance and nurturing.

When in AUTUMN you might notice yourself more introvert. Becoming agitated by excessive demands placed upon you, craving more space and time alone. Listen to what you need, perhaps you can schedule your time to have some days off dedicating it to self-care.  

Autumn is the best time to nurture your creative insights.  As the sacred act of embracing during this season, a warm cup of tea is a warm and self-caring act. The ceramic cup is made in a slow way, urging you to notice and appreciate the small things that surround you. The mix of butterfly-pea flowers, Greek mountain tea, and sage will ease your way into winter. It is also full of properties that will help with inflammation and pain.